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     Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power was founded in 1953 named as Hangzhou Hydropower School, and as Zhejiang Electric Power College in1958, and then developed into Zhejiang Water Conservancy and  Hydropower College with approval of Zhejiang People's Government in 1984 .It  shares joint leadership and management by the Provincial Office of Water  Resources and the Provincial Office of Education. After 50 years of continuous  progress, especially in the past 10 years of hard work, the University has  achieved remarkable successes, and formed a pretty distinctive characteristic of  its schooling. The University is aiming to train higher applied personnel with  special skills, to meet the needs of water conservancy and hydropower industry  and area economic development.

     ZJWEU is now located on 583, Xuelin  Street, Xiasha District of Hangzhou City, the famous elegant cultural city of  Zhejiang province. The University covers an area of 1261 acres with 280,000  square meters of planning construction area and 276,000 square meters in use.  Teaching faculties in the college are excellent, with 9,000 registry students  and 520 staff, including 53 professors, and 142 associate professors of 440  full-time teachers. A new library of ZJWEU has completed in 2003. The number of  paper books in the library is 724,000 volumes, and the number of digital books  is 419,000 volumes and 136 volumes for per-student. There are periodicals of  1,234 kinds and newspapers of 116 kinds respectively in the library. In latest  years with professions continuously increasing, the college has enlarged the  devotion of book funds, which enriches the quantity of professional books, and  particularly does great help towards new professional construction. It is one of  the libraries in its richest data collections of water conservancy and  hydropower in Zhejiang province.

     ZJWEU has its night teaching schools,  and three teaching departments, with 36 specialists. There is one undergraduate  specialist attached to Zhejiang Industrial University and two joint-programs  with Nelson-Marlborough Institute of Technology of New Zealand. The college has  provided a civilized, safe and harmonious environment for the students. More  than 50 years, ZJWEU, known as the cradle of personnel training in Zhejiang  water conservancy and hydropower, has educated a large number of professional  personnel with higher skills for the society.

    At present, ZJWEU will be  further changes in educational reforms, adhere to the scientific concept of  development and building a harmonious safe campus, and strive to the development  and cultivation of high-quality technology talents for the country.


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